When it comes to marketing, almost nothing is more important than knowing your target audience.

But what if I told you over half of marketers are missing critical information on their consumers?

In our annual survey of over 1,200 marketers, we found that only 42% know the basic demographic information of their target audience, like their name, gender, and location.what info do marketers have on their audience

And, the data gap doesn’t stop there:

  • Less than half of marketers know their audience’s interests and hobbies, shopping habits, the products they are interested in buying, their purchase history, and where they consume content.
  • Only 31% know the online communities their target audience is a part of and even less know the challenges they are facing.
  • Just one-fourth of marketers know the social causes their target audience cares about – a huge missed opportunity when it comes to expressing your brand’s values, especially when marketing to Gen Z
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