Money savings tips for back-to-school shopping

CAMAS, Wash. (NewsNation) — A Washington state mother of 10 says her family is already feeling a financial “crunch” trying to pay for school supplies as kids across the country head back to the classroom.

Jane Brosseau said her family was already feeling the financial strain of inflation at the grocery store long before back-to-school shopping was on the radar.

“The minute that inflation started with groceries, we felt the pinch immediately,” she said. “And when you add in gas, and then back-to-school supplies … we’re really feeling a crunch.”

While the average cost of school supplies this year is $660 per child, Brosseau doesn’t think her family will spend anywhere near that amount.

“We don’t do new back-to-school clothes — unless it’s something that is necessary,” she said. “We don’t do lunchboxes and backpacks. So just for school supplies alone, I think you’re looking at $50 to $100 for elementary kids. It could be even more for high school kids if they need special graphing calculators and things like that.”

As far as money-saving tips go, Brosseau said the best time to start is at the end of the school year — and it doesn’t involve shopping.

“I would say shop your last year’s school supplies. At the end of the year when they send everything home, I always save it, see what’s left.”

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