Shopping on a Budget offers tips to save money

MINOT, ND (KXNET) — Trinity Hospital is hosting a series of events designed to help those on a budget.

The first segment of this series is called “Shopping on a Budget,” where a dietitian will walk you through the grocery store and show you affordable options, while also giving you money-saving tips for the grocery store.

“Well, in general, it’s important to know about food and what our body needs and all the different food groups and, as a lot of people find out when they try to make some changes, sometimes it can feel much more costly,” said Trinity Health Clinical Dietitian Kayla Cole.

Although it’s easy to justify spending more money while trying to shop healthy, there are alternatives that are just as healthy for less money.

One of the biggest pointers is sticking to your grocery list.

“Coupons we can get out of hand with that, you know, and you get lots of coupons and then you buy things you normally wouldn’t even buy, and so stick to your normal things,” Cole noted.

In August, US News and World Report said the national average grocery bill for a family of four was nearly $300 a week.

Cole says another thing shoppers can do to keep the costs down on their receipts is to not shop hungry.

Experts also say do not be afraid to compare prices between products.

“Going through the aisles and knowing beans are a really affordable option that are full of protein and fiber and very good for lowering our cholesterol and helping with regularity in all those things, maybe they wouldn’t think of,” said Cole.

Trinity will also host a “Cooking on a Budget” class next month, so those can learn how to save even more money when cooking.

“Shopping on a Budget” is set for September 13 at Marketplace Foods in Minot.

The tour is free.

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