Be honest. Do you know what your non-marketing colleagues do all day?

Woman designs channel strategy for an in-person store

Sure, you might have a general idea of ​​what your co-workers in sales, finance, and HR do, at least categorically. But it seems that many of us — myself included — have those days, weeks, and months when we’re so bogged down in our own daily hustle, that we become a bit oblivious to what everyone else around us is working on.

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Have a child who has entered kindergarten (TK) school age? There are many preparations that need to be done, you know before your little one starts the first day of school. For children who have just entered kindergarten, school is certainly a new thing for him. Because there are big changes in their daily activities.

Therefore, it is important for parents to prepare some children’s school equipment that can make them comfortable and at home at school. Having a child who has just entered kindergarten can sometimes confuse parents about what to and what not to bring to school.

The following are kindergarten school supplies and tips for choosing and preparing children’s school equipment that you must know!

Kindergarten School Supplies
Practice your child’s independence by leaving him or her at school unaccompanied or waiting. In order for the activity to run smoothly, make sure no equipment is left …

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