List of Must-Have Kindergarten School Equipment

Have a child who has entered kindergarten (TK) school age? There are many preparations that need to be done, you know before your little one starts the first day of school. For children who have just entered kindergarten, school is certainly a new thing for him. Because there are big changes in their daily activities.

Therefore, it is important for parents to prepare some children’s school equipment that can make them comfortable and at home at school. Having a child who has just entered kindergarten can sometimes confuse parents about what to and what not to bring to school.

The following are kindergarten school supplies and tips for choosing and preparing children’s school equipment that you must know!

Kindergarten School Supplies
Practice your child’s independence by leaving him or her at school unaccompanied or waiting. In order for the activity to run smoothly, make sure no equipment is left behind. Check out what kindergartners should bring to school!

School Bag

School bags are the first mandatory children’s school equipment that must be owned by a student, including kindergarten students. For your little one, you should choose a school bag that is comfortable to wear and contains items that need to be brought to school every day.

Most kindergartner school bags that work best are backpacks or push bags. The important thing is to choose a bag with the right size and practical so that children have no trouble carrying it.

School Uniform

It’s still at the kindergarten level, but there are some schools that require students to wear certain uniforms. You can ask the school when you register if there are uniform provisions. If so, don’t forget to order school uniforms. Because if that’s the case, this one child’s school supplies are mandatory.

Usually at least two uniforms are required, a shirt uniform and a uniform for sports. For school uniforms, of course, not only brought but worn by children since leaving!

Drawing Tools

Because usually at the kindergarten level they have not been asked to write, in fact the children’s school equipment needed is a drawing tool. Prepare drawing supplies such as colored pencils, markers, crayons, sharpeners, and drawing books.

Although sometimes schools are provided, bringing your own drawing tools can prevent children from fighting with other children. But still adjust to the needs of your little one, Toppers.


Liquid spills, drops, and coloring with watercolors are three of the many things that may cause a child to get stained. Introduce children to hygiene habits by bringing them a tissue and telling them what it is for. Even if they can’t use them effectively on their own, bringing tissues to school can still be useful for children because they can ask the teacher to use them when there is dirt.

Pencil Case

Of course, with so many drawing tools, your little one needs a pencil case to store their personal drawing tools. Having a pencil case can be an encouragement for school children, you know.

There are lots of unique and fun kindergarten pencil holder models. Most importantly, the selected pencil case still fulfills its function to store all children’s writing instruments and drawings.

Lunch Box and Drink Bottle

The next school equipment for children is to bring children’s eating utensils such as lunch boxes and drinking bottles. It is obligatory to provide children with home cooking, especially for kindergarten children.

It would be nice if children avoid snacks outside the home that are not guaranteed quality and cleanliness. The selected lunch box should have lots of bulkheads, light weight, easy to open and close, not easy to leak, and has an attractive shape. Likewise with drinking bottles, choosing a drinking bottle equipped with a straw will make it easier for your little one.


Hungry children sometimes have uncontrollable moods. To avoid this, also prepare snacks to take to school so that they are happy all day. This option is also safer than letting children snack around the school. In addition, having snacks at school can also train children to share, Toppers!

Shoes and Socks

Choosing comfortable shoes and socks for your little one is very important, you know, Toppers. Especially for children who are actively moving to and fro. In addition to shoe models, it is also important to choose shoe soles that are comfortable and not slippery when children are active. Choose shoes without laces with strong adhesives because most kindergarten children cannot tie their own shoelaces.

Choosing a sock material that absorbs sweat is also important for the comfort of the child. Now, for these two children’s school supplies, you can ask the school if there are any mandatory color provisions. If you don’t have one, you can give your child the opportunity to choose the model of shoes and socks that he likes.

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