Grocery shopping tips that could help during inflation


How can I save, how can I get my prices lower,” said Kroger of Opelika Assistant Store Leader Steven Webb.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows grocery prices jumped 12.2 percent in the second quarter.

Eggs, flour, chicken veggies and milk saw the biggest increase at the stores. I spoke with one area grocery chain to get the best money saving tips

Whether you’re “Krogering” or shopping elsewhere, you can’t ignore a higher grocery bill.

But you can save if you do your research.

Webb offers these tips shoppers can use at any store to offset costs.

“Look for the in-store specials, look for sales, look for local deals, look for where your local store has partnered with vendors to bring a better price for you,” said Webb.

At Kroger you can do what they call trade up. Checking the unit price on some items to help you decide if the smaller and cheaper item is worth the savings versus the bulk version.

“A bigger packed item may have a larger price, but in the long run you’re saving a little bit more per item,” said Webb.

Another tip: You want to make sure you’re signing up for store savings cards, while some people don’t want the hassle, it’s the best way to get the sales price.

Lastly, a little technology also goes a long way. Most stores now offer some type of app on your smart phone which contains digital coupons and more like gas perks, personalized tailored coupons and grocery pick up deals

Whatever you do, make sure you shop around for the best price, stack your coupons and utilize the best store where you can get multiple deals.

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