9 Dollar Tree Shopping Tips To Help You Save Even More

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Though Dollar Tree no longer sells all of its items for just $1, the discount store still offers remarkably good deals on items you might need in between a major shopping trip — from food and household goods to party décor and school supplies.

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However, there are even more ways to save money at Dollar Tree beyond taking advantage of the already low prices. Here are nine tips to help you do so.

Bring Manufacturer’s Coupons

Levon Galstyan, a CPA at Oak View Law Group, confirms that Dollar Tree accepts manufacturer’s coupons. “The Krazy Coupon Lady claims that Dollar Tree allows unrestricted use of newspaper coupons and daily usage of two printed coupons.”

However, make sure you bring paper coupons; no digital coupons are allowed. You can often find these coupons in your local Sunday newspaper.

Watch for Dollar Tree Sales

Additionally, Dollar Tree hosts unique sale occasions, Galstyan said. “You can get 10% off your purchase of $10 or more at the chain’s Friends and Family Events. These occasions often take place over the summer and around holidays. To find out when the next event is, like Dollar Tree on Facebook.”

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Use Cashback Apps

Certain rebate apps allow you to earn cash back on in-store purchases, including Dollar Tree. Galstyan recommends the following rebate apps:

  • Ibotta
  • Checkout 51
  • Fetch Rewards
  • Coupons.com
  • TopCashback
  • Rakuten
  • CoinOut

Know Which Items Are Best To Purchase

Lauren Keys, a personal finance expert with Trip of a Lifestyle, recommends knowing what items are typically most worth purchasing at Dollar Tree to really make your money go further. She said you’ll get the best value out of the following items:

  • party supplies
  • greeting cards
  • holiday decor
  • Cooking supplies
  • Reading glasses

Compare Prices Per Unit

While all dollar stores do carry name-brand household products, you may not always get the best bang for your buck there, according to Consumer Analyst Katie Roberts with DealNews.com.

“Before buying brands other stores carry, do a quick search online to see the per-unit price at other retailers. You may be able to save more at the Dollar Tree by sticking to items with per-unit prices that are just as good as, or even better than, the prices at other big-name stores.”

Jason Porter, senior investment manager at Scottish Heritage SG, added, “Remember that not everything at Dollar Tree is a great price. For instance, if you can find the full loaf sizes, bread is a wonderful offer at $1.25. However, $1.25 is a little more expensive for travel-sized products than $0.98 at Walmart. Although there isn’t much difference, trying to get the most for your money by paying attention to pricing and quantity can make all the difference.”

Shop Online

Online shopping has grown so commonplace that all major businesses are competing to establish themselves as the largest ones, and Dollar Tree will be no exception, according to Steve Rose, CEO of MoneyTransfers.com.

He said, “Therefore, go to the website, find the things you want, and then put them in your shopping cart. It’s that simple! Online shopping will help you prevent impulsive purchases, which are the most common purchasing error made by consumers, as well as saving you time, money on petrol, the hassle of standing in line, and time. Additionally, many items are available for free in-store pick-up.”

Join the Value Seekers Club

Dollar Tree’s special loyalty program, Value Seekers Club, rewards its most dedicated consumers with benefits, Rose said. “You can also select which advertisements you want to get from them. For instance, if party supplies are the only category in which you are interested, you will only receive offers from that department.”

Change Up Your Dollar Store Location

Every Dollar Store is unique, and may have different items at different times, according to Bhargav Bavarva, Founder of NextPinnacle.

He pointed out that the two Dollar Tree locations in his own neighborhood are different enough that he buys party supplies and decorations at one, and bread and other food items at another. “You won’t find the same items in two adjacent shops. A lack of availability at one Dollar Tree location is no guarantee that you won’t locate the item you’re seeking at another.”

Shop More Frequently

“One of the ways that Dollar Tree is able to offer rock-bottom prices is by only buying items when they can get them in stock at reasonable prices,” said Melanie Hanson, editor in chief of EDI Refinance.

“This means that rotating stock at dollar stores is the rule rather than the exception. Make a habit of visiting your local Dollar Tree at least once a week to see what kinds of products are in stock. Brand-name items are especially good finds here.”

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